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Sunset Solitude

This was the sunset I wrote about yesterday. I was in December of 2012 and was the most spectacular I have ever seen. I used another frame for the cover of my calendar. This was previously just a raw image on my hard drive. I spent a few hours … [Read more]

Morning Reflection

I was looking through my catalog for a day back in 2012 that had a killer sunset. I searched by date and realized that the sunrise for that same day was awesome as well. I just never had a chance to process it since I got so wrapped up in the sunset. … [Read more]

Multicolour Morning

Each day a new beginning … [Read more]

Sunrise Spotlight

From an October sunrise I series I shot last year. I love it when the sun is perfectly visible. … [Read more]

Peach Sunset

The clouds and sun conspire to greatness … [Read more]

Winter in Spring

It was freezing yesterday afternoon even though we are well into March. I rushed down to Tribute Park hoping there might be a beautiful moment or two even though there were clouds everywhere. I was bundled up and caught the light breaking through … [Read more]

Kite Flying at Dusk

Probably my favorite shot of all time. Mostly because I can't explain it. I had just gotten the camera I used for most of my shots. It was October of 2012 a couple of weeks before Sandy. I was about to try to capture the sunset and there was this man … [Read more]

Daily Inspiration

Bathed in Love every morning … [Read more]

The Big Game

Happening yesterday outside my window. I was taking portrait pictures of the kittens and noticed these wonderful kids. The bat looked bigger than the girl holding it. There wasn't time to switch lenses (to my usual landscape lens) so I shot with this … [Read more]

Sunbathing at the Window

Dreaming of Seagull Sandwiches... … [Read more]