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A sunset reflected on the memorial stone in Tribute Park. The memorial was created to remember the men and women who lost their lives in our country's worst tragedy. … [Read more]

Morning Moon

One of my favorite morning images. Before sunrise when the moon is still in the sky and the clouds are reflected by the perfectly still sea. … [Read more]


Yesterday after sunset. I thought the perfect shot would be the actual sunset over the bay but this was so much more beautiful. … [Read more]

The Pursuit of Beauty

One of my favorite sunrise scenes. … [Read more]

Pictures in the Park

A photo of tourists taking photos in Tribute Park here in Rockaway. I love how the glad reflected in the stone memorial. … [Read more]

Mystery Walk

A fantasy beach landscape taken from my deck with the sun behind the clouds. I hope you enjoy it. Great weekend to All. … [Read more]

Winter’s Dawn

A chilly reminder of things to come... Enjoy the rest of the summer weather. … [Read more]

Walking Meditation

A sunset that came to mind today. Lots of colour and mood to brighten my day (and hopefully yours). Please keep my kitty Oliver in your prayers. He has had a very tough day. … [Read more]

Golden Dusk

Yesterday at sunset. There is a dock near on of my favorite restaurants here in Rockaway. This was the scene right before the sun made its last appearance for the day. … [Read more]

Cloud Walking

A painted cloudy scene for your first day of the week. Be well everyone. ~Michael … [Read more]