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Two Friends

I think Rockaway is at its most beautful during the cloudy days. I hope everyone's week has started wonderfully. ~Michael … [Read more]

New Horizons

Yesterday's sunset. Such a perfect moment in time. Great upcoming week to All. ~Michael … [Read more]

Man in the Midst

A photo that looks like an oil painting for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. … [Read more]

Mirrored Beauty

A sunset from Tribute Park. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. … [Read more]


Another colourful day in the peninsula. Happy (almost) Friday All! … [Read more]

Baby at Dusk

Sunset from a few days ago. I almost missed it but went flying out to the park a few minutes before the grand finale. We have turned the corner toward the weekend. Be well everyone. … [Read more]

Love Shines Through

A gloomy but colourful pre-sunrise from my deck. Love to All … [Read more]

Sunset with Father

A cloudy but lovely sunset in Tribute Park. Good week to All … [Read more]

Dog at Dusk

My friend's pooch in a perfect profile after sunset. Happy Weekend All. … [Read more]

Morning Bliss

Just a beautiful morning scene captured from my deck. My neighbor is a surfer and his girlfriend always goes out to watch him from the shore. Have a great week everyone. … [Read more]