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Red Dawn

As much like a painting as a morning gets here in Rockaway … [Read more]

Best Friends at Dawn

A morning walk for two friends here at the beach. It is almost the weekend. … [Read more]


A muted sunset with spectacular clouds here in Rockaway. … [Read more]

Morning Journey

A watercolour morning here at the beach. … [Read more]

Front Row

One of those Rockaway mornings when the sun is a perfect glowing circle of light. … [Read more]

High Tide

The calm after the storm here at the beach. … [Read more]

Golden Hope

Another surreal sunrise here in paradise. We are expecting ANOTHER snowstorm tomorrow. (Hopefully our last). … [Read more]

Seaside Rendezvous

A perfect romantic afternoon for two at the beach. … [Read more]

Love Rises

Yesterday's miraculous sunrise at the beach. Looking forward to each day getting longer and warmer. … [Read more]

Painted Dawn

Rockaway may have lots of freezing weather in the winter, rain in the spring and terribly hot weather in the summer but it is all forgivable when I see the amazing mixture of clouds and colour daily. … [Read more]