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Between Storm and Calm

One of my most graphic storm images. Taken after one very large thunderstorm here in Rockaway. … [Read more]

Sunset for Two

Late afternoon at the beach in Rockaway. Just a couple in love walking in the chilly fall weather. … [Read more]

Sunrise Spotlight

A man watches the sunrise and gets perfectly illuminated by its rays. … [Read more]

Behind the Bridge

Sunset at Roxbury … [Read more]

The Ride Home

Monday afternoon before all the rain hit Rockaway. The sun is not quite setting over the ocean yet but the colours are wonderful during the afternoon by the beach. … [Read more]

Love at Sunset

Just an ordinary Tribute Park sunset on a near perfect day. such is life in paradise Actually it has been thunderstorming on and off for the last three days so I posted this to brighten up my day. I hope it brightens yours as well. ~Michael … [Read more]

Moon Before Dawn

Yesterday right before sunrise. The weather is getting colder and the colours get deeper and more profound during the morning hours. … [Read more]

Photographer at Dusk

One of my fellow photographers that comes to Tribute Park for the sunsets. I thought his great stance and profile was perfect against the setting sun … [Read more]

Reflections at Dusk

A ship crossed the bay near sunset with the NYC skyline in the background. … [Read more]

Kaleidoscope Morning

One of the most unusual sunrises I have seen in Rockaway. There were too many clouds to actually see the sun but it was glorious nontheless. … [Read more]