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Today's chilly but beautiful sunset in Rockaway. Even with gloves it took ten minutes to thaw out my hands … [Read more]

Morning Splendor

A dark but beautiful chilly morning in Rockaway. … [Read more]


Mid-morning painted seascape in Rockaway. It is nearly the weekend. … [Read more]

Day dream

As the sun was setting in the park. Such a colourful scene. … [Read more]

Peace Flight

Surreal morning colours in Rockaway. … [Read more]

The Day after the Apocalypse

One of my favorite images of my entire career. The Mayan calendar ended and the day after we had a huge storm. Many people thought the world would end but we woke up the next day to a changed and beautiful landscape. … [Read more]

Run Toward the Light

An amazing scenic sunset over Rockaway … [Read more]

New Beginnings

A brand new day in Rockaway. I caught the sun just beginning its rise to glory. … [Read more]

Behind the Veil

A sunrise behind the clouds. The beauty of the Almighty cannot be concealed. … [Read more]


After our latest snowstorm. When the sun finally breaks through it is glorious! … [Read more]