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Morning Solitude

I captured this about a month after Sandy. I think the storm and fires that occurred in Rockaway as a result added pollutants to the air that resulted in some amazing colours. It is only Wednesday but it feels like Friday to me. … [Read more]

Daisy is Growing Up

[Read more]

Snow Day

One of my winter sunrises. So many colours for a winter's day. Enjoy everyone! … [Read more]

Walk Toward the Light

One of my favorite painted sunsets. I love the bird in the center left. … [Read more]

Light Before Darkness

Yesterday's sunset in the park. … [Read more]

Fishing with Father

One of my images that looks more like a painting than a photo. No crazy colourful sunrises or sunsets but a beautiful scene that I love. My Dad passed in 2012 and I think about him often. … [Read more]

Sunrise Spotlight

A rather dramatic sunrise image captured late last year. … [Read more]

In the Park after Dark

It was well after sunset and the night time reflections in Tribute Park were incredible. Two friends were catching up and the surroundings look like an impressionist painting to me. … [Read more]

Colour Vortex

A strange and marvelous sunset from late last year. … [Read more]

Burning Bridge

Sunset as seen from Thai Rock Restaurant's deck here in Rockaway. The food and the view are beyond compare. … [Read more]