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Divine Light

Winter sunset on the beach. Chilly but beautiful. … [Read more]

Fire and Ice

A winter sunrise from last year. Foreshadowing of things to come...Stay warm everyone. … [Read more]

Photo Finish

A beach walker that also shares my passion for sunsets. Little did he know he was photographer and subject simultaneously … [Read more]

Dream Walker

A surreal winter scene at sunset during a cloudy winter day. It is nearly the weekend. Be well everyone … [Read more]

Sunset Skyline

A wonderful colourful sunset on the bay. I hope it is warmer wherever you are in the world than it is here in Rockaway. Brrrrr! … [Read more]

Moon Over Rockaway

A Rockaway moon rises over the ocean and its beauty is reflected in the water like many a sunrise. … [Read more]

The City by the Sea

Downtown Rockaway after a storm. Such beauty when the beach is empty. We are finally done with Monday. … [Read more]

Bird Watching

One of my most memorable sunsets in the park. So many colours and moods (plus the bird) … [Read more]

Morning Flight

Daybreak from the deck here in Rockaway. It is getting colder and colder. … [Read more]

Walking Meditation

A morning walk amongst the waves and clouds. Have a great weekend everyone … [Read more]