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Moon Before Dawn

Yesterday right before sunrise. The weather is getting colder and the colours get deeper and more profound during the morning hours. … [Read more]

Photographer at Dusk

One of my fellow photographers that comes to Tribute Park for the sunsets. I thought his great stance and profile was perfect against the setting sun … [Read more]

Reflections at Dusk

A ship crossed the bay near sunset with the NYC skyline in the background. … [Read more]

Kaleidoscope Morning

One of the most unusual sunrises I have seen in Rockaway. There were too many clouds to actually see the sun but it was glorious nontheless. … [Read more]

To Be Free

A sunrise taken on Thursday. I was ready to go inside when the bird flew by unexpectedly. Some of my favorite shots happened completely by mistake … [Read more]

Behind the Veil

A sunrise on a cloudy day in Rockaway. The light overpowered the clouds. … [Read more]

Friends at Sunset

Monday's sunset in the park. It is almost the weekend! Enjoy everyone … [Read more]

Layers of Love

A spectacular sunrise from Monday. I love the deep colours that come with the cooler weather. … [Read more]

Winter Trek

A winter shot I never published. Stay tuned. Cold weather is coming soon … [Read more]

Pictures on the Pier

One crazy afterglow from the sunset on Sunday night at the pier connected to The Wharf restaurant here in Rockaway. I met a professional photographer from out of town who was amazed at the colours in a Rockaway sunset. It certainly isn't Hawaii or … [Read more]