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Through a Child’s Eyes

A child looks at the list of those that perished trying to save others in the 911 tragedy. Such beauty and hardship in a single frame. … [Read more]

After the Storm

There is no more beautiful a time than after a storm on the beach when the sun finally decides to make its appearance. … [Read more]

Winter Sky

Snow on the beach in Rockaway at Sunrise. … [Read more]

A Dreamy Day

One of my more surreal afternoon beach scenes. I hope everyone is have a wonderful weekend. ~Michael … [Read more]

Rays of Hope

A beacon of light through the clouds as seen from my deck at sunrise. Have a great weekend. ~Michael … [Read more]

The Long Walk Home

A stormy seascape. Two men and their canine companion hurry home hoping to beat the rain. Be blessed. ~Michael … [Read more]

Sunset for Two

One of my most romantic park sunsets ever shot. Such a perfect scene. … [Read more]

Crescent Dawn

A perfect painted sunrise here at the beach … [Read more]

New York State of Mind

An afternoon under the clouds near sunset looking across Jamaica Bay with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. A perfect day in Rockaway. … [Read more]

On the Edge of Sunrise

Today's sunrise in Rockaway. Have a wonderful week everyone and God Bless You All. ~Michael … [Read more]